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EyeNet-Con2 (BlueTooth)
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The wireless adapter for the controller (robot) side is a serial module using BlueTooth technology. With the Multi-Link technology up to 7 controllers or robots can be connected to one PC.
This module comprises a BlueTooth serial adapter, an antenna, a serial port adapter, and a licence for the radio library in RoBIOS. This library comprises basic communication functions that can be used in application programs as well as with the "remote control" system tool.


EyeNet-PC2 (BlueTooth)
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This wireless adapter for the host side (PC) is a small USB connector using BlueTooth Multi-Link technology.
It allows to link up to 7 EyeBots or robots to one PC.
A number of example programs for wirelss communication are available from the web.

Software Licence
For establishing a link, one EyeNet-Con module is required per EyeBot plus one EyeNet-PC module for the host PC or workstation. For Linux and Windows, a remote control application is included than can be used to monitor or drive several EyeBots from a host PC or workstation. All data, text and graphics - even images in full color - will be transferred and displayed in the EyeBot-Remote Window (see screendump below). Pressing of buttons on the remote window has the same effect as pushing the actual buttons on the controller.


Features Con2/PC2 Modules

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